Consulting Services

Core Concepts:


I adopt and use a research-based approach to provide tailored consulting services and develop a holistic perspective about the organizational world.  My fundamental belief is that the world is rich and complex and an in-depth analysis can help leaders and their organization to successfully address strategic and managerial issues, and thereby build competitiveness and create high value.



I work with organizations and their leaders to design and implement a coherent and winning strategy.  I underscore competition for capabilities and talents, understanding and managing competitive dynamics in the industry, building global presence, and delivering innovative, high quality products and services.


Specific Expertise:


  • Top management team and boards of directors: Improving dynamics and decision making processes.

  • Analyzing the competitive landscape and industry.

  • Building intangible-based competitive advantages.

  • Strategic renewal and restructuring.

  • Developing international and global presence.

  • Modes of cooperative strategies.



I work with organizations to design and shape work environments that help their members [managers and employees] to thrive and realize their full potential. 


Specific Expertise:


  • Diagnostic processes aimed to assess such aspects as employee commitment and identification, energy, work-family balance, well-being, and behaviors and performance.

  • Building a generative work climate/environment.

  • Forming and cultivating high quality work relationships.

  • Infusing and facilitating creativity at all levels and across units.

  • Managing downsizing processes.

  • Shaping organizational image.


T: +972-3-640-6335 
F: +972-3-640-9983
M: +972-50-6481188



Abraham Carmeli

Tel Aviv University

Faculty of Management

Tel Aviv 69978, ISRAEL

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