Current Courses at Tel Aviv University:


Strategic Management (corporate-level strategy) [MBA]



Business Strategy (business-level strategy) [MBA]



Crisis Management [MBA]



Managing for Creativity and Innovation [MBA]



Strategic Management for Private and Public Sector Organizations [MSc]




Current Courses at King's College, London:


International Buiness Strategy [MSc]







Previously Taught Courses at Other Institutions:


Bar-Ilan University (2003-2010):


1. Business Strategy [EMBA, MBA]

2. Crisis Management [EMBA, MBA]

3. Selected issues in Organizational Science [MBA]

4. Seminar for PhD students

5. Seminar in strategic management [MBA]


University of Haifa (2000, 2001, 2011)


1. Strategic Management for Public Sector Organizations [MPA]

2. Business Strategy [MPA]


Technion (2008-2010):

Business Simulations [MBA]


Arizona State University (2007-2008):

Strategic Management [BA]


Drexel University (2001-2002):

1. Strategic Management [MBA]

2. Business similation [BA]













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Abraham Carmeli

Tel Aviv University

Faculty of Management

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