Business- and Corporate-level Strategy

In the area of strategic management, my current research explores:


CEO leadership, top management teams (TMT), and Board of Directors (BODs)

How CEOs shape and facilitate TMT relational dynamics, improve strategic choices, and enhance firm outcomes (i.e., innovation).

The CEO-Chairperson exchange and dynamics between TMTs and BODs.


Learning, knowledge creation, and innovation 

How knowledge exchange within and across organizations is facilitated and combined, and the implications for firm innovation. How leaders facilitate technology implementation?


Intangible assets 

How intangible assets (e.g., reputation, human capital) and their complementarities are created and cultivated in the pursuit of a firm’s competitive advantage.


Strategic Agility and Adaptability 

How leaders build an organizational culture and climate that enhance strategic agility, fit and adaptability. 



In the area of management (organization science) my core research questions are:


Creativity and innovation 

How organizations can manage for creativity and innovation.



How leaders make an impact in organizations and why relational leadership is so powerful.


Positivity in organizations


How organizations facilitate high quality work relationships and their implications for work behaviors and outcomes. What makes a work system resilient. How to nurture people and enable them to thrive in the organization. The influence of corporate social responsibility.


Identification and commitment 

Why people develop a high level of identification and commitment to their organization, group, and profession.


Organizational failures, crisis management,  restructuring, and resilience

Why organizations decline. How to manage crisis situations and bounce back (build resilient systems). How to transform and restructure an organization.


Organizational audit


How an audit is facilitated and its effect on work outcomes. 


Public Administration and Management

In the field of public management and finance, I explore the following issues:


Public value 

How to manage fiscally distressed local governments to create public value.


Fiscal distress and economic development 


The sources of fiscal distress in localities and the strategies that can be crafted to improve the standard of living.



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Abraham Carmeli

Tel Aviv University

Faculty of Management

Tel Aviv 69978, ISRAEL

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