Articles and Media Mentions



Globes 7 September 11: "Tackling the causes of the protest." [English]



Research Mentioned in the Media and Interviews:


Calalist 14 March 2010: "Company under Query." [Hebrew (original); English (translation)


Globes 14-15 March 2010:  "The technology giant's strategy is similar to that of Rome."  [Hebrew (original);  English (translation)]


Leader to Leader. 2013, Issue 70 "Creative Problem Solving and Knowledge Sharing in Organizations." [English]


Ideas for Leaders. Feb 2014. "How Showing Emotions Builds Individual and Team Resilience." [English]

On the Reputation of Israeli Firms (2 July 2019).מוניטין-של-חברות-ישראליות?details=0X74607827C7E0B5D762EAC0DD291B56EAD16DF095EAEDF734FB2D74426E423BBD



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